Day 28, Fuel explosions, police warnings and NBC

This week we reached the outskirts of Oneida, NY, the home of Jakobine. Tune in next time for a report on how the actual arrival went... though you'll have to wait for the film itself to get the full picture!

The lead up to our arrival was high drama, as has been the whole journey. We broke down the morning before the arrival, and with fuel dripping from the taxi's carburetor, we even experienced a mini-explosion. Were it not for yet another generous mechanic, Dale in Syracuse NY, who worked on the taxi over night, we wouldn't have made it.

The day before that, the taxi was stopped by police and given a warning for it's rear lights not working.

But a few days ago, we arrived in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and had a party thrown for us. Over 100 people turned up to meet and welcome Alfred and Niels as they passed through town on their way to Oneida. It was a great motivator for our exhausted crew (and A and N) seeing the enthusiasm and admiration that was extended to the story and our production. Thanks again to Todd Cotgreave for making it all happen. Below is an NBC news segment about our arrival in Shepherdstown.


Alfred & Jakobine, NBC News from Jonathan Howells on Vimeo.