Day 21, A Photo Essay

We've now been out on the road for over a week, and it already feels like years since we left Taos. What day of the week is it? Where are we, and where were we yesterday? How much farther do we have to go? We've seen so much, travelled so far, and have had to help the old taxi on a daily basis. While we all keep moving, the miles have taken their toll on Alfred and Niels, the crew and certainly the taxi, but we keep on moving, closer and closer to Oneida, and Jakobine's house. This evening, we arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee, just inside the Eastern Time Zone, having driven from Memphis this morning, where we spent the last 2 days (what a great city it was!) Tomorow we press on, eastward. Go taxi go, go Alfred go!

Here are a few behind the scenes images for your enjoyment.