So how did Jakobine react?!

Last week we told you that after 2000 miles of travel with the taxi, Alfred and Niels (and the crew) were finally on the outskirts of Oneida, NY...  Since then, you've been asking, and asking: Did Alfred make it?  If so, how did it go? How did Jakobine react?

Well, don't you hate when movie trailers give away the whole movie?!  We don't want this blog to do the same thing, so you're going to have to wait for the finished film to find out! But we can tell you this: the climax of this story was truly a climax! It was perfect!

We are very pleased to announce that we wrapped principal photography on Saturday, November 14th, but then director of photography Rollo Hollins, and director Jonathan Howells raced 2000 miles back across the country in just 3 days to shoot more landscapes and Americana. As this blog post is written, R and J are finally back in Albuquerque where it all started, and fly back to London tomorrow morning.

A little exhausted, and quite excited by how this amazing story has unfolded, we now head back to London to begin the actual making of this film. With shooting complete, now comes the editing - the sculpting the film's final form. We'll continue to update you, and provide exclusive sneak peaks in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

Please continue to pass word of the film along to friends. Even though Alfred's journey is complete, the film's journey is far from over, and is still in need of funding assistance. Please support "Alfred & Jakobine" by telling friends to consider "Buying a mile".

For now, here are brand new frames from our recent footage. First, a series of shots of Alfred and Niels driving closer and closer and closer towards Jakobine's house and the surprise, and also an image of Jakobine herself at her home in Oneida.

Next week, look out for a brand new sampling of amazing, archival photos uncovered from Jakobine and Alfred's personal collections during production, showcasing other incredible moments from their great taxi adventure in the 1950s.