A brand new dip into the A&J archives: Batch 1

This was our first week back in London since we wrapped principal photography, and it was all about catching up (and fighting jet lag), having spent almost 8 weeks shooting in the US. We all caught our collective breaths, and now it's time to start reviewing the over 80 hours of footage we shot, plan the edit, prepare for the archival dimension of the film, and plan other post production details. Lots to do.

We started reviewing the massive amount of new archival material this week, that we collected from Alfred and Jakobine's personal collections. Amazing stuff. We could almost tell the story with photographs alone!

Here, in no particular order is a new selection of photos, slides and paper matter from the archives, ready to be worked into the film. Some have captions, some don't, but we hope you enjoy them.

 A page from Alfred's Pakistani driver's license

Alfred's Moroccan driver's license

Alfred the adventurer.

The rad blowing coming up a hill in India (so steep was the hill, that the rad blew every 5 minutes).

Fixing the the taxi in Africa.

Filling the rad in Southern India.

Alfred and Jakobine with a white dove in Karachi, Pakistan.

Fitting as second, rear wheel in Casablanca, before they headed into the Sahara Desert.

On the beach in Casablanca, before heading into the Sahara. With Alfred are their friends Liza and Phlip.