Day 14: A photo essay

Yesterday morning, after waiting and waiting in Taos for the old taxi to be road worthy, we finally hit the road! Alfred, Niels and the taxi are at the beginning of a 2500 mile journey to Oneida, New York - the adventure begins. Just two days out, we now find ourselves in Dumas, Texas, having spent last night at the wonderful Motel Safari in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The taxi has already shown its age, with a challenging start to the day today, that was nothing if not dramatic. The feat of making across the country is clearly going to be a great challenge for the 75-year-old taxi. If not for a friendly local mechanic, "Crazy Charley" Crossley, who stepped up to help us, we might still be in New Mexico. Stay tuned for more updates on the adventure, and our production that followings it.

Below are some footage stills of landscapes and scenes, as well as some behind the scenes shots: