Though the mechanical side of things has proven to be the biggest challenge for The Service Station in Albuquerque, as they bring Alfred's taxi back to life, the body itself has been making huge leaps forward, thanks to the great work of "Stump".

Here we see Stump applying a new coat of maroon paint to the taxi. The first coat of paint that it's seen since it rolled off the assembly line in London in 1934. The more perceptive of you out there, may have noticed that the taxi in the masthead graphic at the top of this site has now become maroon. It was blue up until recently.

The London-based crew is heading to Heathrow airport on Sunday morning to fly to the US, and to begin shooting the film! We're all really excited. Stay tuned!

Alfred & Jakobine (behind the scenes): New paint job from Jonathan Howells on Vimeo.