Show time!

Rollo Hollins and Rob Fletcher checking in 12 cases of lighting and camera equipment at Heathrow Airport

Well, after months (actually years) of planning, researching and prepping, it's finally show time!  On Sunday morning (11th Oct), the core crew including director Jonathan Howellls, producer Rob Fletcher and DP Rollo Hollins arrived at Heathrow in London, to catch a flight to Boston to start shooting Alfred & Jakobine.

They met Toronto based sound recordist Rebecca Conrad in Boston as well as Line Producer Julie Cresswell. The first shots will commence Monday morning in Providence, Rhode Island, at the home of Niels Hobbs, Alfred and Jakobine's son. Niels, who we haven't told you much about, will now be joining Alfred on his journey across America in the old London taxi, now making this as much a 'father and son' story, as it is about Alfred and his once wife Jakobine.

Thank you to all of your who stepped up and "bought miles" to help Alfred in the last couple of weeks. Your support has made a huge difference, not only ensuring the completion of the taxi, but also in helping Alfred overcome the strain of escalating costs for the taxi restoration.

Wish us luck in our first week of shooting!