Goodbye Jakobine

We are very saddened to tell you that we lost Jakobine a day ago.

Though Jakobine lived a life bigger, brighter, higher, wider, farther than most of us could ever hope for, it is still hard to believe she is now gone. We are so grateful that she allowed us into her world, and shared her utterly unique way of seeing it. We will miss her.

To use Niels' words: Skål, min elskede mor!

As a tribute, here is a wacky felting demonstration that Jakobine recorded in the 80s. We had been saving it for the film's DVD extras, but now is the right occasion for everyone to enjoy it. True blue, one-of-a-kind Jakobine! 

And we've just added a dedicated page to the website called MEMORIES, where you can all add your own personal memories of Jakobine (or Alfred) so others can enjoy them. Please feel free to add anything that comes to mind large or small. Click here for  the MEMORIES page.