And the award for best soundtrack...

...goes to Alfred & Jakobine! Our beautiful soundtrack, composed by the talented Nick Urata, has been awarded the 2014 IDA Award for Best Music.

We always knew the music that Nick composed and performed for our film was gorgeous and pitch perfect for the nuances of story, but we did not expect it to be award winning!  We're rather proud.

The IDA Documentary Awards ceremony happens in L.A. at the Paramount Theater, on 5th of December 2014.

For those of you who don't know who Nick Urata is, you'll be interested to know he's the leader of the band Devotchka, and the composer of many film soundtracks including Little Miss Sunshine, I love you Phillip Morris, Crazy Stupid Love, What Maisie Knew, and yes, Alfred & Jakobine

You can hear one of hear one of the pieces from Nick's A&J soundtrack here and an article from the A&J site about Nick's score. Congrats Nick, for yet another award, and thank you again for your tremendous work on the film.