Driven in The Independent

Hello everyone - it's been a few weeks since our last post, and we have a couple of exciting bits of news for you.

Firstly, Driven (formerly Alfred & Jakobine) had some good mention in the UK's The Independent newspaper yesterday. Our producer Rob Fletcher was quoted in an article that discusses 'crowd funding' as a very new approach for indie film financing. Driven's "buy-a-mile" program was mentioned along side a new doc about David Lynch and a Ridley Scott project, so we're in very good company. You can read the article below, or on the Independent's website here. Well done Rob.

Next, we are very pleased to announce that our editor, Alan MacKay has completed a wonderful, 28 minute "cross section" of the film, which we'll be putting in front of television commissioners, distributors and other funders to assist with our 'finishing budget'. We're hopeful that with this edit, which presents the look and feel of the full film, we'll impress all with the richness and breadth of the story. A couple of months back, Driven's new trailer was shown around Cannes, and many of those who saw it are eager to see the new 28 minute edit.

Lastly, we wanted to thank all of you again who have already supported the film by 'buying-a-mile'. Your t-shirts are now rare collector's items, since the film was renamed from Alfred & Jakobine to Driven. Your A&J t-shirts are the only ones in existence - an artifact from the evolution of this film project. Please encourage your friends to consider supporting us - we still have a long way to go. Speak to you all again very soon with more updates.