Coming back to life

Slowly but surely, Alfred's old taxi is coming back to life. This week, the body showed a glimmer of its former splendor. "Stump" the body work man at The Service Station, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been working hard on restoring the body. In this video clip we see him priming the taxi for its fresh, new coat of paint that will follow in a few days time.

The work on the taxi is costing Alfred more than he expected, and we need to help him as much as we can. Please help us help him. Please help spread the word about his dream & about our film to all your friends. Everyone who contributes by "buying-a-mile" will be credited in the film, but more importantly, will know that they have helped 84-year-old Alfred Hobbs on his personal mission, to drive across the country to find his once wife, Jakobine, and offer her one last ride in their taxi. The taxi that they drove around the world almost 50 years ago. Please help.

You can "Buy-a-mile" (or 4 miles and also receive an official t-shirt) here.

A very, very big thanks goes to Carey Moots for the absolutely great shots he's been capturing of the taxi's ongoing restoration.


Alfred & Jakobine, (Behind the Scenes) Taxi coming back to life from Jonathan Howells on Vimeo.