Stuck in the Sahara, TV in Tokyo and more

We were delighted this week to receive a new series of old photographs, showing a broad range of Alfred and Jakobine's adventures back in the 1950s. These will all be scanned in high resolution for use in the film, but we are happy to give you a sneak peek here on the blog.

To see even more from this new batch, please visit our Flickr image pool.


Jakobine seen through the wind screen of the old taxi.


Alfred and Jakobine with Sindru, the dog given to them by the Dalai Lama.


A and J with an unknown couple in India.

On the back of the taxi we see the world map they painted as they went further and further and further.


Sindru looks ahead from the taxi.

Bound for India, the taxi is loaded onto a ship on the coast of East Africa.


Stuck in the sand in North Africa.


A and J on Japanese television with the taxi.


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