Tintin in Alfred's taxi

As we're now heavily into our pre-production research, we continue to come across interesting details relating to old, Austin London taxis like Alfred's.  We recently discovered the amazing website Les autos de Tintin by François de Dardel, which actually identifies all of the 153 vehicles in each and every Tintin album/episode, including Tintin riding in an old, London taxi 'exactly' like Alfred's 1934 Austin Low Loader, London taxi (see above).

For you hardcore Tintin buffs (like me) you might like to know that this frame appears in "The Black Island", but only in the original edition, not the later, re-released version from the 1960's. In that edition (which I had as a kid) the taxi was updated (as were many of the vehicles and technology in all the stories) to be more "contemporary". What a shame. I must find an original edition!