First wave of taxi parts have shipped!

Today was a big day for Alfred, the taxi, and for the film production! London 'Austin taxi expert', Warren Rushton, has shipped the first wave of (quite rare) parts for Alfred Hobbs' old Austin to Mike's Garage in Taos, New Mexico, where the taxi is now sitting. For the past 35 years, the old taxi has sat on blocks behind Alfred's Taos home.

These engine parts included a very hard-to-find head gasket, 4 spark plugs, a timing chain and a dynamo chain. This will be the first wave of many as Alfred and Jakobine's old taxi is brought back to life for its big journey.

Warren also provided (amazingly) a copy of a complete, original, 1934 Austin Taxi mechanical handbook that will be particularly helpful to Mike's guys as they get started.

Here are some shots of the Alfred with the taxi sitting at its new home at Mike's, eagerly awaiting the work to begin; following are a few pages from the old handbook.